established in 2017

The first Sew & Sail Cruise launched in the winter of 2017. With great success and enjoyment by all, we are proudly booking our 4th adventure! We will be joined by the Sweet Pea design crew who will offer 4 new exclusive designs just for this trip! We hope that you will join us for Sew & Sail 4 in June of 2019! It will be an unforgettable experience for all involved! 

Click below to see a short video from a previous Sew & Sail adventure! 


Our Team


Sweet Pea

This is Sweet Pea's first Sew and Sail Cruise which will be an amazing ALASKAN CRUISE!  Sweet Pea will teach 4 projects including exclusives just for the cruise. We cannot wait!


Gloria Horn

For the past 35 years, Gloria, has owned and operated what is considered to be the top sewing shop in Pittsburgh - The Gloria Horn Sewing Studio.  This is the 4th Sew and Sail Cruise that Gloria and her team have facilitated.


& Crew

Additional professsionals to assist with projects and fun.